A Perfect Lie Update 25th Tuesday February 2020

A Perfect Lie Update 25th Tuesday February 2020
A Perfect Lie Update 25th Tuesday February 2020

This is A Perfect Lie Update Tuesday 25th February 2020 on star life.

A Perfect Lie Update Tuesday  25th February 2020 

The Episode starts with Dayal scolding Durga. She says I feel strongly for Shaurya, please dad, if I stay quiet, I won’t be able to live, I will die. She fools Shaurya in her words and says he should have told her his intense love and she should have shown courage, I know Sakshi stopped you, but its ok, its not her mistake.

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Durga says I m responsible for all this and cries. Kangana says so sorry Durga, please don’t cry, I was angry and scolded you, but I m happy you both shared your true feelings. Durga says no, I know Sakshi won’t accept my and Shaurya’s relation.

Dayal says if you know it, why are you asting your time, stop it, lets go home, Neil is waiting foir us.


She shows them her ring. Sakshi says do all the melodrama Durga, I won’t say anything now. Durga thinks about her and Neil’s talk. The FB shows Neil giving the ring to Durga and saying I think Dev deserves this ring. He asks her to make the man wear this whom she loves by heart and wants to spend rest of her life. He says I will leave as my many GFs are waiting for me in US.

She thanks him and he leaves. The current scene shows Durga making Shaurya wear the ring shocking everyone. Sakshi thinks very smart Durga, perfect timing.

She says don’t know this means anything to you or not, but you are most important part of my life, I can’t be away from you. She says I know Sakshi, this might be shocking for you. Sakshi says you are wrong, you misunderstood me. She says yes its true, but you should have told me. Dayal says stop it, you are a coward to attempt suicide, to make your loved ones agree to you, forget my daughter. Dayal drags Durga and takes her. She wipes her tears and smiles.

Shaurya thinks to win his bet now. He tells his parents to talk to Dayal. Sakshi says look at me Shaurya, nothing is important to me than your happiness, so I forgot all doubts and accepted Durga for you. She says lets hope Durga makes Dayal agree. Shaurya says he has to agree, I will go and convince him. Rajnath stops him and asks him to relax. Sakshi says take it easy, Dayal is shocked, give him some time. Rajnath says she is right, you get well and come home, everything will be fine, I will talk to him.

A Perfect Lie Update 25th February 2020 

Suchitra says yes, take rest. Dev says we should go home, as Shaurya need rest. Rajnath says you all go home. Sakshi says I will be here with Shaurya. Rajnath says no, go home and take rest. Shaurya’s friends come. Rajnath asks them to cheer up Shaurya. Rajnath leaves with Shaurya.

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They talk to Shaurya for doing this mad thing, what the hell is this. Shaurya says I can kill anyone for Durga, but not mine, I just love myself. Rishi asks what do you mean. Shaurya says I can’t lose ever, so I did this game.

He shows them the ring which Durga made him wear. He says that too infront of everyone. I m almost winning my bet and Durga is almost in my hand now. He says keep the Rs 5 crore cheque ready. Shaurya asks them to relax, as everything is fair in lust and war. He says Durga you made me run a lot, now its time that I take revenge from you.

Dayal and Durga are on the way and talk about Sakshi and Shaurya. Durga thinks about the past and says Sakshi will never lose so easily, she will wish to keep me away but she will use her most powerful weapon this time, I don’t know what is it.

This is the end of A Perfect Lie Update 25th February 2020 on starlife. 

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