A perfect Lie Tuesday 31 March 2020 Update


A perfect Lie Tuesday 31 March 2020 Update: Dev and Durga taking the rounds thinking about their past. The rounds get completed and Dev fills the sindoor. Dev thinks he wanted to marry Nitya and dreamt of this day, and now I m marrying you, you are just a way to reach my Nitya, I will never accept you. He puts the mangalsutra around her neck.

Durga thinks sorry Dev, this marriage is fake, after I get through my aim, I will free you from this fake relation. Dev thinks he understands her aim is to enter this house and Sakshi wants to keep her away from Shaurya, in this my love got sacrificed. He says everyone has to pay for this. The pandit asks them to take the blessings from elders. Sakshi smiles.

Dev says I want to take Sakshi’s blessings first as this happened because of her. Sakshi blesses them. Dev says you stopped me from going US and did a favor, and today too by getting me married. I promise I will return all your favors. He thinks on Nitya’s birthday. They take everyone’s blessings. Rajnath apologizes to Dayal. He says Shaurya does not know what he lost. This is his punishment, but I m happy that our respect is still there, Durga will come in our house as bahu, I will always be indebted to you and Durga, and also Dev. He says I wish Shaurya was like you.

A perfect Lie Tuesday 31 March 2020 Update, Dayal asks Rajnath to take care of Durga. Rajnath holds his hand and says we are taking daughter, you are also a part of our family. Dayal tells Durga that he will go home alone, but you don’t feel alone, I will always be with you. Durga cries and hugs him. Dayal tells Durga that this is new step of her war, don’t feel you are weak, Maa Durga’s blessings is on you. Shaurya says mum I can’t see this, this is torture. I m going now. Sakshi asks Karan to take Shaurya home.

Dayal folds hands and thanks as she has saved Durga’s respect. Suchitra says this should have not happened, Dev took a decision and I supported him. He asks her to bless Durga. She says yes, I hope everything settles. Dayal says every mum has dreams for her son, you would have also had, but I was helpless. I hope you won’t find hard to accept Durga.

A perfect Lie Tuesday 31 March 2020 Update,  Dayal hugs Dev and thanks him. Dev says he did not marry to hear his thanks, I hope you will keep your promise. Dayal says yes, sure, Nitya will be infront of you on her birthday. Shaurya breaks all things in his room and us angry on Dev and Durga as they have married.

Karan asks him to calm down. Shaurya says all this is done by my mum, what was the need to tell about Durga marrying Dev. Karan says relax, don’t take stress. Shaurya asks him to get a drink. Sakshi says she will welcome Durga. She does the tilak and aarti.

She welcomes Durga and looks on. Sakshi thinks Durga is walking towards her ruining. Durga thinks her red foot marks are like blood of my parents, now I will ruin you. Sakshi asks them to take elder’s blessings. Dev says its enough for today.

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He says he is going in his room. Suchitra asks Dev to take Rajnath and Sakshi’s blessings. Dev is annoyed and leaves. Sakshi says let him leave, we know how he is feeling, afterall he married the girl who loves his brother. Rajnath says give him some time, everything will be fine. Raima asks Durga to go and rest too. Rajnath talks to Sakshi and asks what did she get getting Durga married to Dev. He says fine if you don’t want to say, but I know you did all this.

He says you say you love Shaurya, what did you get torturing him. She says she worries for Shaurya, you can’t imagine what would have happened. She says think why was Durga hurrying to marry Shaurya.

She says Durga’s aim was to come in this house. Rajnath shouts which plan, she would have been serving a paralyzed guy, was this her plan, you won’t understand love, as you did not love anyone in your life.

She says she did love in her life, he knows. Raima comes and asks why are they fighting. She says she is leaving. Sakshi asks you were here till now, I thought you left. Raima leaves. Rajnath says please, stop all this. Sakshi says no, you both should be punished for making Shaurya get in this condition.

A perfect Lie Tuesday 31 March 2020 Update, Karan tells Sakshi that its impossible to calm Shaurya. Sakshi says don’t worry. He says you did great today, what a move. She says don’t tell anyone, I still don’t like you, you can leave now. He leaves. Durga talks to Suchitra.

A perfect Lie Tuesday 31 March 2020 Update, Suchitra says he is good girl, and she can’t forget that she loves Shaurya. She says she is worried for her, will Dev accept her. Durga asks for her blessings. Suchitra looks on. Sakshi comes to Shaurya and he asks why did she do this. She says she wants Durga to be infront of her eyes so that she gets Nitya. He says Nitya is dead.


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