A perfect Lie Monday 30 March 2020 Update


A perfect Lie Monday 30 March 2020 Update: On A perfect Lie  30th March 2020 Update, Sakshi bringing Shaurya to the outhouse. He asks why did you bring me to this place. She asks him to be patient. She opens the lights and shows him pics of Durga and Nitya, along with others. He asks whats all this. She says about Durga.

She says many things changed after her entry and reminds him everything. She says all people who has helped us have fallen in any controversy. This happened after Durga came, our support system got weak. She says about Naveen Mathur, they have sent him to jail. She says commissioner’ ties got broken also. Then Payal came in our life again.

She says Divya and Babjee appeared again, by Durga. She says then Ganguly, he also got exposed. She says then your degree got questioned and you lost the cancer project, then the pandit ji. She says you have seen Durga and Payal’s bonding, why will Durga love her so much, and finally the attack on you, why did it happen when you were alone with Durga, out of city. The goons have hit just the back bone, why. Where are they now? Goenka network could not find him, Durga is connected to all this, and its connected to Payal’s rape case. She says I believe Nitya is alive.

He says we did Nitya’s accident and have her death certificate. Sakshi says yes, but not dead body. Shaurya says you mean Nitya is alive and taking revenge.

A perfect Lie Monday 30 March 2020 Update, Sakshi says maybe, and Durga is the key to it, so I want to control Durga, if Nitya is alive, then you are in danger, which I won’t let happen, you have to trust me.

He says no mum if she is alive, then where is she. Sakshi says she has to find it out. Durga comes in Dev’s room and sees him worried. Dev thinks how will I wait for so long, Nitya’s birthday is very far, will Dayal keep his promise.

He sees Durga and leaves from the room. Durga thinks Sakshi got peace by saving Shaurya from marriage, but can’t save from me. Shaurya says then Durga has to pay the price for playing game with me, and also Dev. He says what if Shaurya is on wheel chair, I m Shaurya Goenka. He says he has to make a confession. Sakshi asks what. He says I don’t love Durga, all that was a act, I did not do suicide, I had a bet and I wanted her.

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Sakshi is glad and says she is very happy hearing this. I m so relieved. Shaurya says Durga did this state of mine. Sakshi says don’t get angry, you have to be careful infront of Durga, don’t let Durga doubt your intentions. He says yes, but she will be punished, I m with you, I will do what you say. She thanks him holding his hand.

She says she will not leave his enemies, she loves him a lot. He says don’t you find this strange, Thakurs is a big family, why would he help a driver’s daughter. She says yes, lets rewind, how did we meet Dayal. By cancer project, they did the drama to get close to us, it was a plan. She gives him Dayal’s pic and tells everything. Shaurya crushes it and says Thakur, you are gone. Dayal thinks he is happy as Durga is with Dev, but I m scared as she is with her enemies, how will she stay alone. He prays for Durga.

A perfect Lie Monday 30 March 2020 Update, The servant asks him to drink the milk, else Durga will scold him. Dayal smiles. The man says daughters are such, once they marry and go, home looks vacant. Dayal thinks she will be back soon, once she get her enemies punished. He gets Durga’s call. She says she is fine, how is he. He says he is fine. She says what did you tell Dev that he got ready to marry. Dayal says I promised him that he will meet Nitya on her birthday. She says she can’t believe Dev is such a good human being. He asks is everyone normal. Someone knocks the door. She ends the call.

Sakshi comes with some jewelry sets. She says she came to see is she fine. Durga says she is fine. Sakshi says you know I do what I say, I promised I will make you a Goenka, see if not Shaurya, you became Durga Dev Goenka. Durga thanks her. They have an argument. Sakshi smiles as Durga taunts her.

Sakshi says don’t feel you are alone. Durga says yes, you will be always in my bad time. Sakshi leaves saying welcome to family.

A perfect Lie Monday 30 March 2020 Update,  Durga throws the jewelry boxes. Shaurya thinks about Dev and Durga, seeing them together many times. He thinks it was their plan. He calls Durga. She ends the call. He calls again. She asks why did he call her now.

She scolds him and says she does not want to talk to him. He says listen to me. She ends the call. She thinks Shaurya has refused to marry me, but he is unable to bear me with Dev, he can harm Dev, where did Dev go.


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