A Magical Love Story Wednesday 25th August 2021

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 25th August 2021

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 25th August 2021: On A Magical Love Story Wednesday 25 August 2021, The Episode starts with Aman and Roshni cutting the cake and celebrating. Aman takes care of her. Roshni coughs and asks for water. Aman feeds her water. Chotu asks Locha to give the clips. She says you gifted it to me, I will show it to my friends. He says it’s not for you. Parveen says I m fine because of the angel who gave me the kidney. Roshni says if you are happy, she will be happy, I mean, we all are happy.

Aman picks a muffin and goes to feed the food to Roshni. He recalls her words. Everyone looks on. Parveen asks when did the best son become the best husband. Roshni says 10 mins back, I m mean he is asking me to eat food for 10 mins. She asks Aman what face is he making. She calls Chotu and tells the same to explain Aman. She says I m feeling very hungry. Aman jokes. Roshni troubles. He feeds her chili. She screams. Everyone asks what happened. Aman says food is spicy, get water. Roshni says I got tears seeing our love, we should celebrate it. Parveen says yes. Everyone dances happily. Bhangra pale….plays…. The red moon princess lands on a white moon and walks in. Everyone stops dancing and sees her at the door.

Roshni recalls the guard’s words and says she is a red moon princess, what is she doing here. The princess asks did they break the red moon. Phupi says we didn’t even break a bulb. Aman says I have done it. Roshni says me too. Shehzadi says you don’t care for it, you knew that my sleep will break if the tower bells ring, even then you have done this. Roshni says we did this for our family, we will do it again if needed. Shehzadi gets angry. She opens her arms and hugs them. They get shocked. Shehzadi says thanks, I was in sleep for a thousand years, you freed me from my sleep. Phupi jokes.

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Roshni says we did this for our family. Shehzadi asks how can your family hate you. Aman says so you have met Kabir. She says Zehraal made me reach you to punish you. Chotu asks did you come to punish us. Shehzadi smiles and says no, I came to give advice, my family is protecting the red moon, we punish anyone who dares to see it, think what will we do with one who has broken it. Saima asks did you forgive us. Shehzadi says I can stop myself, but others will punish, I can’t stop them, I can’t tell more, but I will help.

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 25th August 2021: Aman says whoever will come will be after us, we broke the red moon, Tabeezi takes everyone. Imran says I will go. Roshni says Imran was with us and if anyone attacks him, then the family will be in trouble. Imran jokes. Aman asks do you have powers. Imran says no. Aman asks can you fight them. Imran says no, I don’t like bloodshed. Aman says that’s why no one will tell Roshni and Imran’s story. Parveen says we won’t go anywhere. Aman asks what are you saying, I can’t risk your life. Dadi says we can’t leave you alone. Sara says our family is strong. Roshni says we will hide Chotu. Sara says I know a place to keep him safe. She drops Chotu to tuition class. Chotu gets scared of seeing a boy. He says I m not safe here. Sara says I spoke to your teacher, you will be safe, go and study. She goes. The boy scares Chotu. Chotu rubs the lamp and calls Locha. Locha is sleeping inside. He asks her to come out.

Shehzadi says an attack can happen any time, you have to stay in different rooms. Parveen says we are strong if we are together. Shehzadi asks them to keep an eye around. She drops some light balls. Everyone takes that in hand. She says keep the bubbles with you, they will shine when danger is close, close eyes, and hide. Sara asks why. Shehzadi says I don’t have time to say, just do what I say.

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