A Magical Love Story Wednesday 22nd September 2021

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 22nd September 2021

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 22nd September 2021: On A Magical Love Story Wednesday 22 September 2021, Roshni informs Aman about her bad dream and says she doesn’t know if it’s true or false, the blanket wrapped around Armaan is not right for him. Aman says he trusts her instincts and will discuss with Tabeezi. Rehaan is about to get into his car when Shayari stops him and taunts if he is going to get some fresh air for his moustache. Their nok jhok starts as usual. Rehaan shows Jhumru’s taweez and says there is some symbol in it and it will help them find Jhumru’s family.

Tabeezi shows abehayat/holy water and says it will help Armaan feel good and protect him from evil around him. Jhumru tries to jump towards it. Aman stops him. Jhumru diverts their attention and silently adds worms in the water thinking he will not let them ruin his plan. Roshni gives Armaan to Aman, and Aman is about to drop Armaan in water when he sees worms and stops. Water lifts and is about to attack Jhumru when Aman destroys it. Roshni gets worried for Jhumru. Jhumru says Armaan doesn’t like him, so he tries to harm him always. Back in the room, Aman says Armaan must have done all this as he saw Armaan smiling. Roshni says it can’t be. Aman leaves saying the truth is Armaan will be the next black Jinn. Roshni cries hugging Armaan and says he doesn’t worry as his parents are with him. She via glass notices Jhumru outside and turns, but doesn’t find him. She gets suspicious.

Rehaan and Shayari reach near a house Sadik mansion and continue their nok jhok. She asks why no one is around. A man passes by, and they ask if someone stays in this mansion. The man says nobody stays in Sadik mansion for ages, he heard jinns used to stay here.

Back at home, Roshi requests Tabeezi to save Armaan. Tabeezi says after black jinn’s death, his place will be filled on a particular night and it’s nearing. Roshni asks if someone can be replaced instead of Armaan to become black jinn. Tabeezi asks who will agree. Jhumru has seen singing sitting in the garden. Aman walks towards him. He starts acting as crying and asks him if he is so bad that his parents ransacked him. Aman asks him not to worry as Rehaan and Shayari have to go in search of his parents. Jhumru says it’s not easy to find his parents and it may take years.

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 22nd September 2021: Aman says Rehaan and Shayari have already found about his family and will meet them soon. Shayari and Rehaan walk towards the mansion when fire erupts and it bursts. Fire is seen in Jhumru’s eyes revealing he burst the mansion. Shayari calls Aman and informs them that they found the mansion and were about to enter it when it burst into flames, they are waiting for the fire to set off to find some clue. Jhumru continues his acting that it’s difficult to find his parents. Aman assures him that soon they will.

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