A Magical Love Story Wednesday 18th August 2021

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 18th August 2021

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 18th August 2021: On A Magical Love Story Wednesday 18 August 2021, The Episode starts with Aman saying we have to shift Parveen soon. Imran comes to meet Parveen. Aman says how did he come. Imran asks a man about Parveen. The man holds his hand to bite. Roshni says we have to save Imran. Aman says I will save him. He goes and hits a bottle on the man’s head. The man gets up. Aman asks Roshni to save Parveen. Aman takes Roshni on the wheelchair. Kabir stops them and sees Roshni instead of Parveen. Aman shouts Baazigar… Kabir gets his army of Zehraals. Aman and Roshni get down and spray on them.

Roshni recalls Tabeezi calling her and saying just poison can cut poison. Aman says now poison will cut the poison. He sees the fire extinguisher/poison sprays. Aman and Roshni rush home. Tabeezi seals the house and says now no Zehraal has come here. Imran says Parveen is fine, Dadi is with them. They see the Zehraal outside. Imran asks what’s happening. Aman says Kabir and his slaves aren’t losing. Table says no Zehraal can cross this limit of fire, poison, and salt, made by me. Kabir comes and shows his vampire’s teeth. They look on shocked.

Aman says stay here, I m going out, I will end this fight today, be together, no one will come out. He goes to open the door. The door is locked. It shines. Aman tries again. Roshni checks the window. Roshni says we got locked. Phi asks why did they lock us. Aman says they could have attacked us, they didn’t do this. Roshni says they returned and then came back now. Aman says Kabir called me and said he is in the hospital, he could have attacked mum if he wanted. Roshni says Kabir went from there when Zehraals attacked us. Aman says he wanted to lock us in the house. Kabir calls him out and asks did you get the answer, you will have the sense to understand my trick, Tabeezi would have told you about Zehraals, you have locked the door from inside to stop us, I have locked you all from outside, to stop you from coming out, because my Zehraal has bitten one of you, that one will be becoming Zehraal. They get shocked. Roshni asks Imran. Imran says he held my hand, he didn’t bite me. Aman says Ammi….. They run to Parveen. Kabir smiles.

Aman checks Parveen and says there is no mark on her. He goes to Kabir and asks him to stop playing, what does he want. Kabir says I will get what I want, just think who will become Zehraal, you stopped my Zehraal, but the evil has entered your house, there is something, if one touches it, he will become Zehraal, one of you has touched it, slowly it will make you all Zehraal, if you don’t get treated in 24 hours, you will become Zehraal forever.

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 18th August 2021: Aman asks what is the thing, that makes a person Zehraal, try to find it. They all look around. A shiny ball has entered the house. Phupi steps on the ball. The ball bursts and turns her into a Zehraal. They get shocked. Aman says listen to me, come to senses. Chotu comes and gets shocked. Phupi goes to bite him. Aman says no Phupi…. Locha asks Chotu to run. Aman does magic and saves Chotu. He says I m leaving Baazigar, we are your family, listen to me. Phupi goes after Aman. He opens the bolt and makes her fall inside. He locks up Phupi. Roshni says if we don’t treat her, then she will become Zehraal forever. Phupi beats the door. Aman says what does Kabir wants. Kabir says now you have a Zehraal, he won’t stop and make you all a Zehraal, it means you will become Zehraal forever.

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He says I have poison and its antidote as well. He shows the pink ball. He says I will show you. He drops the pink ball. Few Zehraals get normal by the pink smoke and run away. Aman says you won’t give me the antidote. Kabir says you know me well, I will give you the antidote, but Ayana will pay a price, she will go to the black jungle and get the red key for me. Aman says if you want that, go and get it. Kabir says no jinn or zehraal can touch it, just Ayana can touch it. Aman asks what’s special in it. Kabir says it’s a key of black powers treasure, if I get the red key, then I will be the king of evil powers, hurry up now. Aman says this is your family too. Kabir says the family didn’t regard me mine, why shall I regard it mine. Roshni says I will go there. Aman says I will go.

Roshni says you have to stay back. Imran says I will come with you. Aman says stop shaking first. Imran says I m fine, I m seeing this Jinn, Zehraal for 24 hours, I just got to know that you are a Jinn and what is Roshni. Aman says you don’t need to think, you don’t know what is black jungle, I will go with Roshni. Kabir says it is in my hands to decide who will go out, I will decide it, just Ayana will go alone. Roshni says fine, where will I get the red key. Kabir says black jungle is of Jinnat, but there is a corner for Ayana, just Ayana can go there. Aman says I m Jinnat King, I will come, all powers will get down in front of me, I wish I had the magical doorway. The table says I have something, it’s not used for many days. Kabir asks Roshni to hurry up. Aman says wait for me in the car. Kabir says I think it’s tough for the family to get saved, if you get late, it can take their lives, you can manage the rest. Roshni goes.

Aman says I have to go to Roshni. The table says its old magical door, a jinn attacked on it, it won’t take you far, if you try hard, it may work. Aman tries and doesn’t go anywhere using it. Kabir sees Roshni leaving. Roshni thinks don’t know he may come out or not. Kabir asks Roshni shall I help. He goes to the car. She waits for Aman. Aman says I m coming Roshni. He runs once again into the door. He gets inside the door. He says let’s go. He hides. Roshni drives off. Kabir looks on.

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