A Magical Love Story Wednesday 11th August 2021

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 11th August 2021

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 11th August 2021: On A Magical Love Story Wednesday 11 August 2021, Aman driving and thinking of Parveen. He gets sad. Roshni asks why did you do all this. Salma says we wanted to do publicity. Farah says you always discussed your dream in detail, I have done everything. Roshni smiles. Salma sees Salma’s bakery name board. She gets emotional. Roshni says this is my mum’s name, I m proud of my mum and her name. Salma says I m proud of you. They hug. Farah asks why are you sad, lets dance. Roshni dances with her. Everyone dances. Aman comes there and sees the people dancing. He gets a call from the doctor. Doctor asks when will you come. Aman says I m on the way. The doctor says come soon, your mum’s state isn’t fine. Aman presses horn. He cries. He sees Roshni dancing. He gets angry and calls Baazigar. He creates a storm. Roshni gets shocked seeing the storm ruining her bakery. The stormy winds end. The people go away.

Roshni sees Aman leaving. Paas Aaye….plays…. She cries. Aman comes to the hospital and asks the doctor how is my mum. The doctor says her state is critical, you can’t meet her. Aman asks will she get fine. The doctor says I can’t say, you could have met her if you came early, inform the family and pray for her. Aman recalls Roshni dancing. He cries. Dadi and everyone come. Dadi asks how is Parveen. Aman says she is in ICU, she is critical. He thinks Roshni and I have a connection of revenge. Roshni is at her bakery. She says I will finish my work and come. Roshni says Salma’s bakery. Aman comes there and looks on. FB shows Aman asking Roshni did she burn the naankhatai again.

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She says don’t joke about my baking, I will have my own bakery soon. He asks what will be the name of the bakery. She says it will be in my mum’s name. Aman says you have made my mum a living dead and you are opening a bakery here, I won’t let this happen. He calls Baazigar. Baazigar doesn’t come. He says I don’t need anyone to break Roshni’s pride, Roshni has no right. Roshni comes to the hospital and sees everyone crying. The nurse comes and says Parveen’s kidneys are damaged, none of the family member’s kidneys has a match, no outsider wants to help. Aman goes in the bakery and switches on the gas knob. Roshni says get my test done, I m ready to give my kidney.

A Magical Love Story Wednesday 11th August 2021: The bakery burns. Aman sees the fire lit and goes away. Roshni comes there and gets shocked seeing the bakery burning. She recalls her words to Salma. The fire is blown off. Tabeezi sees some light behind the door. She goes to see. She opens the door. She sees the light coming from the book. She keeps her hand on the book. She sees cat eyes shadowing over Aman’s sketch. Roshni cries and picks up the things. Aman looks on. Kahani hamari….plays…. She gets hurt. He gets worried for her.

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