A Magical Love Story Tuesday 28th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Tuesday 28th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Tuesday 28th September 2021: On A Magical Love Story Tuesday 28 September 2021, Aman wakes up at night while Roshni is asleep and meeting Shayari and Rehaan asks where is Ilme jinn book. Shayari shows his book and says it’s a mirror image of a real book, so he has to read it opposite. He says he will not let golden sun night come at all and will kill Tabeezi to protect Roshni. Rehaan says bhabi will never accept it. Aman says he knows Roshni will not agree, so he will not inform her.

Rehaan reminds him about the last incident where Roshni submitted Arman to black jinn to save Aman without informing Aman and that created differences between them then. Aman says if he informs her, she would never agree and asks Shayari to ask me jinn how to kill Tabeezi. Shayari informs him that only Ayana’s powers can kill another Ayana, so Roshni can kill Tabeezi. Aman says Roshni will not agree, so they have to plan something and get Roshni’s powers.

Tabeezi gets happy thinking she will get back angel’s heart after killing Roshni on the golden sun’s night. She chooses a dress for the special moment.

A Magical Love Story Tuesday 28th September 2021: Roshni wakes up and doesn’t find Aman around. She walks out and sees Rehaan falling down injured. Shayari tells her that someone is attacking them. A monster arrives and attacks them. Roshni attacks back. Shayari captures her powers in a glass box. Aman walks in. Roshni asks what is happening. He says they have to capture her powers. Roshni asks if he will harm Tabeezi. Aman says he has to do that to protect Roshni even if she hates him after that. He ties Roshni and leaves with Rehaan and Shayari and reaches Tabeezi’s house. Tabeezi says she was waiting for him and seeing Shayari and Rehaan says he came with a team to fight with her, till now they were taking her help. Their fight starts.

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