A Magical Love Story Thursday 30th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Thursday 30th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Thursday 30th September 2021: On A Magical Love Story Thursday 30 September 2021, Aman gets trapped in the mirror. Rehaan calls him and seeing his image tries to pull him out. The family supports him and chants the family slogan. Ilme Jinn’s book comes out instead and the mirror disappears. Shayari says Roshni is disintegrating slowly and they need to do something. Rehaan reads Aman’s message to save Roshni via ilme jinn. Shayari asks Ilme jinn how to save Roshni. A black and white rainbow image appears.

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The family pleads Shayari to save Roshni soon. Shayari says Roshni can be saved only by be ram water which comes during rain and rainbow. Rehaan creates rain on Roshni and then creates sunlight and tries to create a rainbow, but fails. He says he is unable to control sunlight to create a rainbow and only Roshni’s Ayana powers can create it. Daadi brings Armaan and says he has his father’s jinn and mother’s Ayana powers. They all plead to Armaan to save his mother. Armaan creates rainbow. Maybe ram waterfalls on Daadi’s hands. She drops it on Roshni, and Roshni gets back to normal and opens her eyes. The family gets happy seeing that.

Tabeezi sees Ilme jinn opening itself and Armaan saving Roshni. She fumes and thinks of teaching them a lesson again. Roshni asks their family about Aman and asks him to come soon. Rehaan says bhai is not here and is trapped in the mirror world. Ammi says Aman went behind protector jinn into the mirror, but some jinn came out and not Aman. Rehaan says maybe only one could come out and Aman chose to send me jinn out to save Roshni. Roshni says this can’t be. She rushes to the mirror and sees Aman inside the mirror. She asks him if he is fine, he is the cruel man to trap himself in the mirror world to save her. She can try her best to get him out of the mirror world, but he is safe there. Aman disappears. Roshni then scolds Rehaan and Shayari for supporting Aman. Rehaan says they just wanted to save her. Roshni says they cannot fight against Tabeezi and should have left it to fate. She walks away. Shayari says Roshni is right and they should apologize and calm her down.

A Magical Love Story Thursday 30th September 2021: Roshni in her room reminisces quality time spent with Aman. Shayari and Rehaan walk in and apologize. Roshni says Rehaan and Aman are short-tempered, but what had happened to Shayari. Rehaan says she is right, what should they do now. Roshni says they need not do anything and leave it on fate for Armaan and her family’s safety; she will accept whatever is written in her face and fight. Shayari says they will as she says and takes Armaan’s promise. Rehaan sees the lal markab stone near the cradle and thinks what is it doing. He promises and walks away. Scorpions get out of lab markab.

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