A Magical Love Story Thursday 16th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Thursday 16th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Thursday 16th September 2021: On A Magical Love Story Thursday 16 September 2021, Arman getting his heart back. Roshni tells Jinn now he won’t be able to survive. Everyone tells Arman to finish Jinn. Jinn says they are forgetting Arman is too young. He might have powers, but he doesn’t know how to use them. All four walk towards Jinn. They use their powers and try to kill Jinn, but they fail and fall to the ground. Jinn says this child is my death, right? Today I will kill him only.

Jinn tries to crush him, but Roshni pulls him back at the last moment. Jinn tells them four that they came to kill him, but now he will kill them all. He now tries to crush Roshni and Arman, but this time, Arman uses his powers and attacks Jinn. Jinn is burning. All four are relieved, but Jinn laughs and says they thought they will kill him that easily? He tries to put his heart in him. Shayari says they must stop him, otherwise, they won’t be able to kill him ever. Aman breaks the heart with his sword. They get happy, but again Jinn’s voice comes that Aman’s sword won’t be able to do anything. Only Arman’s sword will kill him. Arman attacks him and finally Jinn is dead.

Rehan thanks Shayari for doing so much for his family. Without her, all this would not have been possible. Aman lifts Roshni and Arman in joy. They leave from there.

They come home. All family members are happy. Dadi says Arman is not even a month old and he freed them for generations-long problems and corrected his Dadaji’s mistake. Everyone wonders how Arman defeated such a powerful Jinn. Shayari says when Arman saw his parents in trouble, he used his powers. Roshni says but she doesn’t understand why Jinn was laughing before dying. Shayari says he must be in shock. Aman agrees to say Jinn would have never imagined that they would kill him this fast. They decide not to think about Jinn anymore. Sara calls for a celebration. They order a big cake and gather to cut the cake. They recall how scared they were from Jinn and now they are free from all fears. They all are dancing and suddenly the lights start blinking.

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They come outside to see what’s wrong. A message comes through Ilm-e-jinn that hell’s door is open. Rubina says she never thought about it. Roshni asks what does that means? She says when the door opens, not only outsiders go inside, but insiders also come outside. Roshni says this is why Jinn was laughing before dying. Aman asks what will happen now? Rubina says now the most dangerous Jinns will come here. A girl comes out from some door.

A Magical Love Story Thursday 16th September 2021: Aman asks why here? She says because he is not only responsible for killing Jinn, but also because he is Jinnat’s Badshah too. Roshni says if they close the door, then they can stop this. Rubina says it’s hard to tell where the door is. Someone screams and they rush inside. They see a line of water and wonder from where it came. They follow the line and see an open door with light coming out. Rubina says that’s the door she was talking about. Shayari says and it has opened. Roshni tries to close it using her power, but it doesn’t close. Rubina says it won’t close, one Jinn is out and they are very powerful. Everyone is again in fear!

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