A Magical Love Story Teasers August 2021

A Magical Love Story Teasers August 2021

Are You looking for A Magical Love Story Teasers August 2021, then you are at the right place. In this post I’m go to share with you all the teasers on a magical love story for august 2021.

Parveen asks jinn to accept her sacrifice. A basket appears. She puts the baby in the basket. She smiles. Zaher looks on. Aliya sees Zaher and takes on the hand. She asks did she find something. She gets shocked and hides him. She says we shall go that side.

Sunday 1 August 2021

Episode 59.

Safely trapped Roshni behind the magical bar while Praveen attacked Tabeezi. Then, Praveen fired an arrow in the Kabir when he was fighting safely.

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Episode 60.

Praveen rain thousands of arrows safely. However, Roshni rushed to save his life. What is Praveen’s intention?

Monday 2 August 2021

Episode 61.

While Chotu gets magical power, the family realizes that there is still dark magic at home. After a gentle moment, Rosher promised seriously to safe.

Episode 62.

Safely brought havoc and tried to kill his family members with a magical sword. Then Roshni stabbed safely to fulfill his promise.

Tuesday August 3 2021

Episode 63.

Safely compete against time to save Roshni from the danger that will occur. However, Praveen did something unthinkable.

Episode 64.

Safe and Roshni spend quality time together. While Roshni impressed Khan with his culinary skills, Praveen produced a magical formula.

Wednesday 4 August 2021

Episode 65.

Praveen magic caused Roshni to suffer from dementia. While Khan was worried about Roshni’s strange behavior, he experienced a sudden blackout.

Episode 66.

Roshni faced a new challenge after finding Praveen’s actual intention. Safely plan a romantic surprise for Roshni while Praveen formulates an evil plan.

Thursday 5 August 2021

Episode 67.

Safe and Roshni enjoy their romantic time in the snow. Praveen gets toxic fruit while Khans prepares for safe engagement and Roshni.

Episode 68.

Chotu interrupted safely and Roshni while they spent quality time together. Then in his functions, safe and Roshni shook his feet.

Friday August 6 2021

Episode 69.

Roshini studied surprising information from Tabeezi. He fell unconscious while Tabreezi made an unexpected discovery of the pool.

Episode 70.

Safe was stunned when Roshni blamed Praveen for all strange events. After Tabeezi placed the family through the test, the Praveen truth came to light.

Saturday 7 August 2021

Episode 71.

Praveen hunting for a magical ring while safe and Roshni learns the surprising truth from Tabeezi. Then, Aliya made an amazing confession to Khan.

Episode 72.

Safe made a surprising decision after seeing DNA reports while Roshni suspected Aliya. Then, it is safe trying to entertain Roshni emotional.

Sunday 8 August 2021

Episode 73.

Baazigar attacked Aliya while Roshni secretly paid a visit to Tabeezi. Then, Roshni became special hope and spent time alone safely.

Episode 74.

Aliya was happy to see Roshni jealous because of his bond safely. Then, Parveen tried to kidnap the baby from Khan Mansion.

Monday 9 August 2021

Episode 75.

Safely tried to calm Roshni after he saw a strange photo in the library. While Parveus executed a cunning plan, safe suddenly fell unconscious.

Episode 76.

Roshni strike when Aliya told her that safe spend the night on her bed. While Roshni knew that some dark magic played, Aliya created a big scene.

Tuesday 10 August 2021

Episode 77.

After Aliya’s plan, backfires, Roshni tried to expose it. While Roshni made an emotional statement to safe, Tabreezi discovered the heart of Kabir.

Episode 78.

Realizing that he was suddenly able to touch it, safely shared a gentle arms with Roshni. Then, Aliya decided to hide his surprising truth from Roshni.

Wednesday 11 August 2021

Episode 79.

Roshni saw a strange sight in a locked room while safely placed in a difficult place. Then, the Cunning Parveen trick left the whole family in despair.

Episode 80.

While the parveen’s selfish mission made a baby’s life at risk, Aman Stuns Aliya with his magic. Can the heroic law safely save a baby before it’s too late?

Thursday 12 August 2021

Episode 81.

Aliya was relieved that it was safe to save her baby from a magical cave. Then, he faced Roshni while Rubina agreed to make a parveen secret, but on one condition.

Episode 82.

Unable to convince safely, Roshni went to Tabeezi for assistance about Aliya. Later

Friday August 13 2021

Episode 83.

Roshni tried to expose Aliya’s error during a function at the Khan Mansion. Then, safe and Roshni discovered the worrying truth about Aamir.

Episode 84.

Safe to make a surprising announcement before Aliya left home. Then, Chotu observed a strange statue while Parveen was in a narrow place.

Saturday 14 August 2021

Episode 85.

While managing to learn about the conditions of a sad parveen, Aliya landed in trouble. Then, safely saved Roshni and Chotu from the danger of the grave.

Episode 86.

Safe and Roshni shared a romantic moment while Aliya executed her evil plan. Then, safely taken by Kaal Jin while Roshni Tricks Aliya.

Sunday 15 August 2021

Episode 87.

Roshni pushed the boundary in battle with Aliya, resulting in destructive consequences. Then, it is safe to make a promise to Parveen and prepare to face Kaala Jin.

Episode 88.

Aliya played his trump card while Khans was surprised by the death of a sudden parveen. Then, it was safe to frustrate it to Roshni.

Monday 16 August 2021

Episode 89.

Safely fired sharp accusations in Roshni. While Khan was in a narrow, safe place and Roshni decided to separate.

Episode 90.

Roshni struggled with his memory about safe. One year later, safe fighting at a club while Roshni’s life turned worse.

Tuesday 17 August 2021

Episode 91.

While safe to receive surprising information from the hospital, Roshni got amazing news. Then, safe and Roshni have an awkward meeting.

Episode 92.

A safe who was angry vowed to take revenge against Roshni. While Khans learned the fact of the opening of the eye about Parveen, Roshni would surprise his life.

Wednesday 18 August 2021

Episode 93.

The heated argument leads to fierce battles between safe and Roshni. While Salma’s health deteriorates, it is safe to take advantage of helpless Roshni.

Episode 94.

Meet Mallika, a beautiful safe business partner. While he assigned Roshni to take care of him, Tabreezi saw a black cat who had an evil entity.

Thursday 19 August 2021

Episode 95.

Safely beat Yuvraj after the last tried to persecute Roshni. While Chottu struggled to be free, Roshni and safely had unexpected romantic moments.

Episode 96.

Even though Roshni saved his life, safely punish him for a misunderstanding. While Kabir returns to revenge, safely send Roshni alone to face a dangerous situation.

Friday 20 August 2021

Episode 97.

Not realizing that Kabir was an attacker, safely stab trying to save Roshni. Elsewhere, Chhotu released an angel called Locha Pari from prison.

Episode 98.

During the fight, it was safe to get hurt when Roshni told him that he had moved. While Roshni decided to risk his life, safely destroying his office angrily.

Saturday 21 August 2021

Episode 99.

The doctor revealed shocking news to Khans while the evil entity tortured Tabeezi. Then, Roshni was surprised when Kabir brought havoc in the hospital.

Episode 100.

While Tabreezi created a magical essence of Zehral, ​​safely rushed to Rescue Roshni. Elsewhere, the life of Parveen was at stake as the Kabir tried to sad.

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Sunday 22 August 2021

Episode 101.

Kabir revealed to the family that one of them had turned into Zehral. Then, Roshni was on a mission to fulfill Kabir’s request to save the family.

Episode 102.

While Roshni was on the mission to get a magical key, Salma tortured Khan after turning to Zehral. Then, Roshni took risky steps, was unaware of soaring dangers.

Monday August 23 2021

Episode 103.

An angry Kabir sent Khan’s house under the earth with the help of Lal Chand. Then, safe and Roshni decided to break Lal Chand.

Episode 104.

Safe and Roshni use their strength to save Khans from certain deaths. While Parveen regained his awareness, Chottu landed in trouble.

Tuesday 24 August 2021

Episode 105.

Safely tried to save Chottu from the danger of the grave while Parveen fell unconscious. Then, safe, Roshni and Imran find themselves deep in the forest on a dangerous mission.

Episode 106.

Safe and Roshni face challenges while caregivers issue a series of questions. Then, they competed against the time to save Chottu.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Episode 107.

Kabir joined hands with Shehzadi to plan against Roshni and safe. While Khans planned to celebrate their birthday, Roshni mentioned strange conditions to safe.

Episode 108.

Khans celebrated the wedding anniversary safe and Roshni. Then, Shehzadi arrived at Khan Mansion to punish the duo for breaking Chand Laal.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Episode 109.

Safely suspects Shehzadi when Khans landed in a big danger. Then, he hatched the clever plan to keep his family protected.

Episode 110.

Families are confused when they are trapped in the battle between identical twins. Then, Kabir Hypnotise Tabeezi to accuse the wrong person.

Friday 27 August 2021

Episode 111.

Shehzadi Roshni’s trick to bring a piece of the moon while Tabreezi tried to attack Farah. Safely studied the worrying truth when Shehzadi lost.

Episode 112.

Safe rushed told Roshni the truth and stopped it from touching the month before it’s too late. Then, they were surprised by what they found after returning home.

Saturday 28 August 2021

Episode 113.

Laila put a cunning trap to kill safe and kabir while Roshni saved Chandni. Then, it is safe to try to save the parveen from danger.

Episode 114.

Safely suspects the true intention of Kabir after witnessing its extraordinary power. Then, Roshni stabbed Laila with her spear when she was faced with a difficult choice.

Sunday 29 August 2021

Episode 115.

While Roshni found himself under a roof that collapsed, safely trying to save him. During a party at Khan Mansion, everyone witnessed unthinkably.

Episode 116.

Khans fear because Roshni won’t get back awareness. While Farhah, Chhotu, and Imran tried to find a magical cave, safely found a way to save Roshni.

Monday 30 August 2021

Episode 117.

Khans was surprised by drastically safe steps. While Chhotu fell in danger, safe and Roshni struggled to save Khans.

Episode 118.

Safely tried to change the results of an accident as he revived Roshni’s death day. Can he save him from the danger to come on time?

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Aman saying it’s not necessary to blame Aliya always, maybe you are imagining, how shall I trust you, there is no proof. Salma says to trust her blindly, she is Ayana, she can’t lie to save herself, how will she lie to trap someone, you learned to love, not to trust. Baazigar comes. Aman says he knows about the baby, we have to find him. Parveen takes the baby. Aman, Roshni, and Aliya come to the jungle. Aliya asks why did we stop, what’s this place. Aman says it’s a black jungle, just jinn lives here. Aliya says don’t joke.

Aman says the baby is really in danger because of jinn. Aliya thinks I just lied to the baby, nothing should happen to him. She asks Zaher to go and find the baby fast. Aman says Roshni, we have to save the baby first. He asks Aliya to sit in the car, it’s a dangerous place. Aliya says I m not a bad mum, I have to go with you. He says don’t leave me at any cost. They go in. Parveen sees the lake. She smiles and chants. She sees the jinn cave. She wants to send the baby to the cave and get her powers back.

Parveen asks jinn to accept her sacrifice. A basket appears. She puts the baby in the basket. She smiles. Zaher looks on. Aliya sees Zaher and takes on the hand. She asks did she find something. She gets shocked and hides him. She says we shall go that side. Aman says Roshni and I came here before, we know what to do. Aliya says it’s mum’s instincts, we shall go there, I heard baby’s sound. Roshni says there is much illusion here, I should use clips and find the baby. Aman asks her to go and sit in the car, he will protect Aliya. He goes with Aliya.

A tree falls in front of Aman and Aliya. Roshni says something is wrong, don’t know why is Aman not trusting me, he promised to never talk anything sensible, it’s fine, I will talk sensible and save the baby. She uses her clips to find the way to baby. Aman says you were right, Aliya, the baby is here, you will get many questions seeing this now, I will answer you later. He calls Baazigar. He does magic and makes the tree away. Aliya gets shocked.

He asks Aliya to come. Parveen sees the baby going to the cave. Tabeezi asks Dadi why is she worried. Dadi says Aliya’s baby is lost, Aman and Roshni have gone to find him. Tabeezi says they will find the baby. Dadi says they have gone to the black jungle. Tabeezi asks did Parveen go along. Sara and Saima say we didn’t tell her, she is resting in the room. Tabeezi says I will go and meet her. Roshni sees the baby and shouts Khan baba, baby….. Parveen gets shocked seeing her. She hides.

Aman and Aliya hear Roshni shouting. Aman says Roshni found the baby, come with me. Parveen says how did she come here, bahu can’t see Saas happy, I won’t let her spoil my game. She throws a knife and injures Roshni’s hand. Roshni turns. Parveen hides and says bahu can never win over her saas, the baby will be gone until Aman comes here. Aman and Aliya come there and see the lake. Roshni shouts to him and shows a baby in the basket. Aman calls Baazigar and does magic to freeze the lake. Aliya cries and shouts baby. Roshni uses her powers and gets the baby out of the basket. She signs Aman. Aman catches the baby. Parveen says no, this can’t happen. She chants. The cave pulls the baby in. Aman tries to save the baby. He falls down. Roshni and Aliya worry.

Parveen says this cave has a right on this baby now, the cave will not stop now, swallow the baby and also Aman. She smiles. Roshni tries to stop Aman and baby. Aliya cries. Tabeezi comes to Parveen’s room. She calls out Parveen. She sees pillows under the blanket. She gets shocked. She says Parveen isn’t here and the baby is missing, is she sacrificing the baby like she sacrificed Kabir.

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