A Magical Love Story Sunday 26th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Sunday 26th September 2021

A Magical Love Story Sunday 26th September 2021: On A Magical Love Story Sunday 26th September 2021, Roshni asks Aman to get ready soon for breakfast as she is hungry. He says he is ready, pick up kids. Roshni sees baby Rooh missing and they both search for him worried in the whole house. They notice someone in the kitchen, Aman picks his magical wand. They are shocked to see Aman’s doppelganger who greets them as abbu and Ammi and revealing he is baby Rooh. Tabeezi checks the holy jin book and reveals that baby Rooh is heading towards becoming black jinn and is growing rapidly. Roshni says he was preparing breakfast for them calmly. Tabeezi says after 3 days, he will become a black jinn and black jinn doesn’t bother about the goodness or is an evil jinn. The whole family gets worried.

Sarah goes to the kitchen to get breakfast and fills tea in a cup. Teacup raises and falls on her. She shouts in pain. The family rushes to her and asks what happened. Sarah says the teacup raised itself and tea fell on her. Baby Rooh walks in and says he did it as he was having tea and Sarah took it. Roshni says Sarah is his aunty and he should respect her. He says okay and says he prepared breakfast for them all and lifts breakfast via magic from the kitchen and keeps it on the dining table. Shayari signals Roshni to come aside and says to come black jinn, baby Rooh has to do 3 sins. Tabeezi says he has to get angry, commit a big sin, and kill someone. Roshni says they have to keep him calm then and send Armaan away from him somehow. Baby Rooh walks to them and angrily says he prepared breakfast for them and they are standing here. Roshni nervously says Tabeezi aunty needs help. Baby Rooh says she offers helps instead. Roshni nervously says they are planning a surprise for him. Baby Rooh gets happy and leaves.

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Aman gets him a video game and he plays with it saying he can play the whole day but needs Armaan to play along. Aman silently leaves and informs Roshni. She with her family plans to send Armaan away.
Tabeezi says her house is the safest place. Rehaan says he will take Armaan there. Shayari says she will accompany him. Their nok jhok starts. Roshni asks Rehaan to take Shayari along. Ayan reaches there and says he is getting angry. Roshni says his surprise party is ready and takes him to a decorated place.

A Magical Love Story Sunday 26th September 2021: Daadi says baby Rooh doesn’t look good and they will keep his name like they kept Armaan’s. He asks what is it. Daadi gets nervous. Roshni brings cake and says he is Ayan, Ayana’s son, and will have all her good qualities. She fixes Ayana’s locket in his neck and says will be calm, truthful, pious, etc., like Ayana. Rehaan and Shayari take Armaan silently from there while Roshni diverts Ayan’s attention. Ayan says someone was there.

Roshni says their pet bird. Ayan asks to call it and says they are all lying. He disappears and goes out when Rehaan and Shayari are about to get into the car. Roshni and Aman reach there on time and send them away silently. Ayan’s eyes burn with anger. Roshni calms him down saying his surprise gift is ready. They take him in, and Daadi gifts him a car. When daadi, Roshni and Aman are busy discussing, Ayan throws car towards Daadi and says Daadi broke his car and should be punished. Roshni says its by mistake. Ayan gets adamant and angrily says whether its daadi, daadi’s daadi, or daadi’s daadi’s daadi, she needs to be punished fo her mistake.

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