Zara’s Nikah Saturday 15 August 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 15 August 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Saturday 15 August 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah 15th August 2020 Update: on Zara’s Nikah Saturday 15 August 2020 Update, Miraj sits beside Zara and asks if he can come inside? Zara says you are already inside. Miraj says you have taken my sleep, I have come to inform you something, tell you something, let me tell you. I want to tell you about the night when a girl tried to make love to her lover but you became a thorn that night. I am talking about Ruksaar when she tried to make Kabir hers, you were in this room, Kabir was lying on bed and Ruksaar on top of him, it was such a good scene. Zara recalls how she caught Ruksaar trying to molest Kabir.

Zara says only we were present then how do you know? Miraj says because.. he takes out the gun and says I directed that scene, Ruksaar was just my puppet, I was hiding in this bathroom, I pointed a gun at you and Kabir but Ruksaar came in front otherwise you would have been dead by now. Zara gets scared. Miraj says I just pointed a gun at him but I didn’t shoot you both, its good that I didn’t kill you both so I wouldn’t be seeing this beautiful day with you, now you know how scary I am for you and your Kabir.

He says Kabir is the owner of the project but I invested the money in this project so if I do a mistake then no problem but if I make Kabir do the mistake then his life will be destroyed, he wants to become a head priest? want to become a leader for youth? but I will make his life such that people would be throwing stones at him in a busy road, and I can also wipe Kabir’s name from this world, you think I am joking? I should show you a demo but what demo? He thinks. He says I have an idea, I will kill Kashan for demo. Zara says no you will not do anything like that. Miraj says I can do anything and you know that. Zara says please dont do anything with him.

Miraj says I feel peace when someone panics, if you want to stop bloodshed then do as I say otherwise I will do such thing with this family that you cant even imagine in your dreams, will you do it or not? Zara panics and says yes, what I have to do? Miraj says you have to irritate Kabir so much that he gives you divorce, I will make sure you get the divorce because you are darling Miraj. She glares at him.. he says you want Kabir safe right? Zara looks away. Miraj says I will meet you later Zara Siddiqui. He leaves from there. Zara breakdowns She recalls Miraj’s words to get divorced from Kabir. She looks at the dress Kabir gifted her and recalls their moments, she cries hugging it.

the drama continued on Zara’s Nikah Saturday 15 August 2020 Update as Reema asks Kabir if Zara liked the dress? Imran says did your wife hug you or not? Kabir looks away. Reema asks if she said anything? Kabir says I thought she would like the dress but you know what she thought? He tells how Zara asked if he took debt to buy the dress. Reema says what? Zara is not like that, she takes every gift you give her as God’s blessing. Kabir says Zara can think anything but I will keep fulfilling my duty, I will try to make her happy as we have only 21 days left.

All come to lounge, Shahbaz says we talked to Imran’s parents, they agreed for the proposal. Miraj says I talked to Nilofar’s family, they are concerned about her, they will answer soon. Alina says so it’s going to be great. Ayesha says can I ask you something? He nods. Ayesha says we found some precious diamonds in Nilofar’s room, do you know about it? Miraj says those are my diamonds, I have a small diamond business so I gave them to her to protect. Zara looks on. Ayesha says Miraj do you know that Ruksaar gave 50lacs cheque to Ruksaar, why would she do that? Shahbaz asks if he knows it? Miraj says Ruksaar bought some diamonds from me with her mahar money, I had some bank issues so I asked Ruksaar to make the cheque in Nilofar’s name, Ruksaar wanted to donate some money to orphan kids so I donated my money too. Nilofar comes there. Kabir brings Imran there and says I have brought groom here, all look on.

Miraj glares at Zara. Imran greets Ayesha. Ayesha says we didn’t know you are all grown up now. Alina tries to make Imran sit with Nilofar, he says I can stand with Kabir. Shahbaz says you are blushing from now? Nilofar’s parents are coming soon, we will talk to them and confirm this proposal. Imran looks on. Zara says I think the groom and bride talk too. Ayesha says yes, in our age, girls used to be given like goats. Shahbaz says you are saying as I brought you here as a goat, I brought you here with love. Ayesha blushes. Shahbaz says Nilofar and Imran can talk in the room. Alina says I know you both want to talk. Ayesha asks them to go and talk. They leave from there. Ayesha says they are like our kids but this new relationship would be great, she asks Zeenat to make special food for tonight. Zara says can I call Reema? Ayesha says yes. Zara calls Reema and asks her to come tonight, Reema says is Imran with Nilofar? go and shoot them. Zara says just come tonight, I have to talk to you. Zara sees Miraj glaring at her, she gets scared and ends call.
Zara tries to talk to Kabir but he ignores her. Zara says to Ayesha that should I and Kabir go with Imran and Nilofar? you know they are both shy and might need our help. Ayesha says you are right, you both go. Zara thinks I am sorry Kabir, I have to tell you something.

Imran, Nilofar, Imran and Nilofar are in the room. Imran says to Nilofar that this is new for me, I was looking for a job. Zara tries to hold Kabir’s hand but he moves away. Nilofar says to Imran that if you marry me then you dont have to worry about the job, you know husbands take care of wives but when we marry, I will take care of you. Imran thinks she is getting serious, Zara got me stuck. Nilofar smirks. They leave from there. Zara tries to talk to Kabir but he says no, all are waiting, he leaves from there.

All come to lounge, Reema glares at Imran. Miraj says what should I tell to your parents Nilofar? Nilofar acts like blushing. Alina says seems like Imran have impressed her. Reema hits Imran’s foot silently. Miraj asks if he can get his diamonds back? Ayesha looks at Zara who nods. Ayesha says sure Imran I will give it. Miraj asks Zeenat how is Ruksaar? Zeenat says when I call her, she doesn’t pick up, she is not responding from many days. Shahbaz says I will talk to Hamdan’s father. Kabir is leaving the table, Shahbaz asks where he is going? Kabir says I have some work, I will eat in my room. Ayesha says its blessing to eat together so eat her, Kabir says its really important work. Ayesha says you can do after eating, sit here. Kabir glances at Zara. Zara thinks that Kabir I am really ashamed, I want to say many things.

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