Zara’s Nikah Friday 31st July 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Friday 31st July 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah Friday 31st July 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah Friday 31st July 2020 Update on Zee World.

On Zara’s Nikah Friday 31 July 2020 Update, Kabeer takes on Zara. She covers them with her dupatta asking if it’s a responsibility or love. He replies Love! They share some intimate moments together when Rukhsar comes in. Both parts away. Rukhsar wanted to show them some childhood photos to them, she sits to share some memories with them and insists to spend some time with her. They sit with her. Rukhsar tells Zara she is here since the age of six.

She shows had a pile of her photos with Kabeer going to school, their birthdays, their mischievousness, and their games. She was saddened by all the pinching memories and how Kabeer had asked her to leave the house today. She finally puts all these photos on fire. Zara holds hand with Kabeer and advices Rukhsar to spill poison on the album in her heart; it will automatically make her future life beautiful.

Rukhsar runs to her bedroom and cries there. Miraj comes into the room then holding a knife. Rukhsar runs for life as he attempts to stab her. Zeenat comes hearing the screams, but no one was there inside the room. Rukhsar was being proven as lunatic. Zeenat suggests Rukhsar to marry Hamdan, this is the best way left to her. Hamdan is no less than Kabeer in any way.

She is her elder sister and wants the best for her, in her opinion Rukhsar should marry Hamdan. After Hamdan has left, Rukhsar finds a note on side table, with Nilofer mentioned on it. She opens to find honeymoon tickets inside and understands it was Miraj.

Outside, everyone was busy with wedding preparations. Zara had a flu. Ammi was concerned for her. Kabeer teases that he could hear some sounds from the roof last night, and she was in a single dupatta last night when she returned to the room. Zara denies even going to the roof. Rukhsar comes to the hall with Zeenat. Alina complements that she looks as beautiful as Zara did. Miraj passed by.

Rukhsar comes to speak to him, and questions what this is. Miraj replies this is the gift from his sister Nilofer. Rukhsar questions how it is possible when a person isn’t present. Miraj replies it’s similar to how Siraj was present in Zara’s case. Rukhsar says she has nothing to lose now, everyone knows about her truth here. Miraj warns no one will trust her. She wanted to test it, but Miraj pulls her to a wall. He warns her against the life of Ayaan (Zeenat’s son), what would happen to Zeenat then. Shehbaz just came out of a door.

Miraj straightens up and gifts Rukhsar the honeymoon gift from Nilofer. Shehbaz tells Rukhsar to take the gift.

Zara was getting ready in the room when Kabeer comes from behind and says he recalls the blessings of Allah watching her. He gives her a balm to be applied behind the ear and on neck because of fasting to relieve her flue. She signals him to apply it. He cautiously looks around, then applies it.

Zara’s Nikah Friday 31st July 2020 Update: Priest asks Ruksaar again if she accepts this nikah? Ruksaar doesn’t answer. Kabir and Zara are tensed. All look on. Ruksaar says Qubool hai(I do). Priest asks again, she says I do, he asks again, she says I do. All smile and pray. Zeenat kisses her forehead. Alina hugs her. Priest asks Hamdan if he accepts this marriage? he says I do three times. All clap. Zara hugs Alina. Kabir gives a hug to Hamdan.

Zara says congratulations to Ruksaar. Kabir smiles at her. Some woman enters venue and says this is wrong Ruksaar, you accepted nikah without me? all look on. Woman enters house, she is a young girl. All are confused. She greets everyone and hugs Ruksaar, she says you look so pretty, congratulations. Zara asks who is she? She says I am Nilofar, Ruksaar’s friend and Miraj’s sister. All greet her. Kashan says lets prepare for iftar. They all go. Miraj glares at Ruksaar and Nilofar.

They all sit for Iftar. Ruksaar is about to break her fast but Zara says one minute, Ruksaar this is a special occasion, Hamdan should break your fast. Hamdan makes her eat. Kabir offers a date to Zara, Zara breaks her fast, Zara offers him a date and they break fast together, Ishq subhannallah plays, Kabir is mesmerized by her. Ruksaar glares at them.

Zara’s Nikah Friday 31st July 2020 Update: Ruksaar comes to her room. Nilofar comes to her and laughs. Nilofar says I am a good actress, did you see Miraj’s face when he saw a sister coming out of nowhere. Ruksaar says you were always a good actress since our college days, your work will start when I leave this house, I did the biggest mistake by bringing Miraj here, you have to keep an eye on Miraj, keep an on everything he does, where he goes, whom he talks to and you have to stop him from my hurting my Kabir.

Nilofar says what if tries to hurt Zara? Ruksaar says you just have to protect Kabir but I would like if Zara stays away from Kabir, you have to protect my Kabir. Nilofar says thats all good but lets talk about business, Ruksaar gives her 50lacs cheque and says this is half amount of my mahar. Nilofar takes it and says now you dont worry, I will play this chess game with Kabir, Zara and miraj now.

Zara’s Nikah Friday 31st July 2020 Update: Zara brings Kabir to nikah stage, he asks what she is doing? Zara says earlier we got married like this but that time our hearts and mind was not aligned but now I want you to ask me the same question, Kabir jokes what will be the mahar money now? Zara says 1crore is fine but if you want to give 2crore then.. Kabir says no 1crore is fine. Kabir starts their nikah and says Zara Siddiqui do you accept Kabir Ahmed as your husband? she says I do, I do, I do.

She asks if he accepts Zara Siddiqui as his wife? he says I do, I do, I do. They both stare at each other with love. In lamhon ke daman mein plays. Ayesha comes there and teases them. Kabir stammers and says lets go for Ruksaar’s bidai. Ayesha says Kabir I want you to send Ruksaar with respect from this house instead of Shahbaz.

Nilofar asks Ruksaar if she regrets leaving this house? Ruksaar says house is not about walls and windows, there is nothing in this house except Kabir. Miraj comes there and glares at Ruksaar. Nilofar says brother you should know the manners of knocking before coming in a room. Miraj says to Ruksaar that what is all this? when there was no friend of yours who introduced us then how is this Nilofar my friend? ruksaar is about to answer but Kabir and Zara comes there.

Zara gives Ruksaar an envelope and says this is your marriage gift from me and Kabir, Ruksaar asks what is this? Zara says its the amount which you would have had when you were share holder of Kabir’s project for 25%, its for your honeymoon. Ruksaar is hurt and looks at Kabir. Ruksaar says I want to give my 25% share of this project to Nilofar, she will handle it now. Miraj is angry.

Ruksaar’s farewell ceremony starts. Zeenat and Aline brings her to lounge, Zeenat cries and kisses her hand. Ruksaar pulls her in a hug and cries. All are emotional. Amaan shows a photo collage with Ruksaar to her, Ruksaar sobs and kisses his forehead. Ayesha cups her face and says God may bless you, you always remain happy. Zara brings Quran there and says this is God’s pious book, it will guide you. Ruksaar kisses it, Zara hugs her and whispers to her that your new life is starting so you live your life and I will live mine, she wipes Ruksaar’s tears, Ruksaar looks on. Kabir asks Hamdan to take care of Ruksaar, he nods.

In Aapke Aa Jane Se, Shruti says I am ready to marry him, all congratulate each other, they leave. Mom congratulates Badi Amma. Vaidika asks Shruti why she is doing this? you told me you dont want to marry before getting to know the guy then why did you say yes? Badi Amma says enough, we have told you to not involve in our matters. Sahil says Vaidika is worried about Shruti, he asks Shruti why she wants to marry? Shruti says I dont know why Vaidika doesnt want me to marry Prerit, I am doing this marriage with my will, I am happy Badi Amma.

Flashback shows Shruti trying to talk to Prerit alone but Puneesh, messages her intimate photos, she calls him and asks him what is all this? Puneesh asks her to marry Prerit otherwise he will leak her photos, shruti looks on. Flashback ends. Mom asks Vaidika to not tarnish their happiness. Vaidika says you people can curse as much as you want but look at Shruti, she seems scared and worried. Shruti says I am happy and I am doing this marriage on my will. Sahil asks Vaidika why she is doubting her answer? Vaidika says I understand you think Shruti accepts this but.. Badi Amma asks her to stop it. Vaidika thinks there is something fishy, Shruti tell us what is wrong.

Puneesh says to himself that there will be trouble in Agarwals lives and I will destroy them. Prerit says I did as you said, proposal is confirmed now. Puneesh says just do as I say, keep doing your thing, those Agarwals dont know what is going to happen with them, he recalls how Sahil had beat him, he says I will take revenge from them in such way that they wont be able to ever recover.

Zara’s Nikah Friday 31st July 2020 Update: Manjila brings her guests to Sahil’s house, she shows them around and brags about the palace. They come to dining table, Manjila sees all continental, italian food, she says what insect food is this? Badi Amma comes there and says this is foreign food, Manjila serve them. Manjila tries to pick spaghetti from hands but Badi Amma says you pick it from fork and first you have to start with appetizer soup, guest says Manjila you should learn rich living from Badi Amma. Manjila gets angry and throws soup on Badi Amma’s face, Badi Amma is angry.

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