Made For Each Other Thursday 13 August 2020 Update

Made For Each Other Thursday 13 August 2020 Update

Made For Each Other 13th August 2020 Update: On Made For Each Other Thursday 13 August 2020 Update, The Episode starts with Anurag asking what, honeymoon. Mohini says yes, you can know her well, tell me, do you know about her. He says no, I can’t go, I can know her by giving her time at home, I have to manage a new company. She asks where would you like to go if you were ready. He says for me, my room is the best. He says then I will get the room decorated. Komolika asks why didn’t she come. She angrily throws her pearl bracelet. Prerna looks on. She says its okay, I will call the servant. Komolika says I will call my servant. Prerna goes. Mohini says Anurag said he can’t go on a honeymoon. don’t worry I will get your room decorated. Komolika asks Prerna can you decorate our room for our Suhaagraat, actually we are busy. Prerna says I m really sorry, I can’t do this, I m Anurag’s secretary, not any decorator.

Mohini takes Prerna aside. She says you have to decorate their Suhaag Raat room and bed, else Anurag will doubt, he will ask questions, none will have the answers, do you want this, no right? Prerna says fine, anything else. Komolika says that’s it, thanks. Mohini says I got some lamps from Morocco, keep that, I will call the florist, but you decorate the flowers. Prerna goes. Komolika thinks you will be dying every moment. Anurag says how does a mom get such thoughts. Prerna says is there anything to help.

Mohini says you will manage. Komolika asks Prerna to use her washroom, but not see her personal things. Prerna goes to Anurag’s room. She enters the washroom. She turns and sees Anurag. She turns other side and says sorry, I didn’t know you are here, I came to clean the lamps. He says relax, I had taken the shower and worn clothes too, so you can turn. He takes the box from her. He asks what’s all this. She says I have to decorate your room. He asks why. She says I also didn’t want, I mean I don’t like sitting idle.

He asks so you like to work extra even during pregnancy, I mean I m really sorry but…. since it’s your personal thing, I didn’t say if you allow me, may I ask something personal. Paas Aaye….plays… She nods. He asks where is your husband. She cries and thinks of him. He says I m sorry, don’t mind, your husband… I didn’t see him ever. She looks at him. He says I didn’t mean to say you both got separated, who would like to get separated from you, I m just asking, you are pregnant, still working a lot. She says yes, I m working a lot because I m pregnant, I need money, I don’t want to give stress to my family. He asks and your husband.

She says my husband loves me a lot, he isn’t with me for some reason, if he was with me, I m sure he would take care of me and my baby happy. She cries. He says hi, I want to tell you, your mom is very strong, I guess it will be a girl. She recalls his words. She says it will be known after birth. He says, of course, I think it will be a girl just like you. Mohini calls her out. Anurag says Maa…. she shouldn’t know we are here. Prerna says she knows I m here. He says don’t tell her that I m here with you, I will hide. Prerna comes out. Mohini says flowers are brought here, arrange it on the table. Prerna says five min more.

She washes the lamp and gets hurt. Anurag says you got hurt, wait, I will do. She looks at him. He asks why do I feel protective about you. She asks really. He asks why. He gets some flashes and goes.

Made For Each Other Thursday 13 August 2020 Update: Komolika says we can know each other, this decoration is mom’s idea. He asks what’s the need to make Prerna do this, she is my secretary. She says why mom told her, she felt Prerna’s decorative sense will be good, go and ask her. He says let it go. She goes and sees Prerna. Prerna thinks I hate what I m doing, I wish to tell Anurag, he is tending to be caring, it will take time but I will get him back. Komolika says I want the room by 8 o’clock, I want to spend quality time with Anurag. She goes.

Anurag sees Prerna decorating the room. He sees her standing on a short stool. He goes to her and asks what are you doing. She says fixing flowers for your Suhaagraat. He says come downstairs, I will help. She stumbles and holds him. They both fall down on the bed. Komolika comes there and sees their eye lock. Anurag holds Prerna. He says Sonalika, actually Prerna slipped and she fell. Komolika says and you also fell like her, right. He says yes, but Sonalika, you shouldn’t give her such work. He says Prerna, you are pregnant, you should be careful. Komolika says I realized it late, sorry, thanks the room looks beautiful, goodbye. She keeps her foot to make Prerna fall.

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