Jiji Maa Update Thursday 9 July 2020

Jiji Maa Update Thursday 9 July 2020
Jiji Maa Update Thursday 9 July 2020

Jiji Maa Update Thursday 9 July 2020: The Episode starts with Uttara shooting at Falguni. Falguni cries. A lightning strikes her. She falls down and gets saved by the bullet. Suyash sees her and takes her inside the hospital. He waits outside ICU.

Vidhaan comes. Suyash asks how is Niyati. Vidhaan says doctor said he will get fine, how is Falguni. Suyash says nothing can be said. They hug. Doctor says lightning has struck at the sensitive region, she is critical. Vidhaan gpes to do formalities.

Jiji Maa 9th July 2020

The attender asks Suyash to sign the form and take Gayatri’s body. Suyash cries. Uttara comes to him and cries. He says till Falguni gets conscious, we can’t say anything. Uttara thinks to make Falguni out of her way. She says I will see my bahus and come. He asks about dad.

She says I told him, he is on the way, he will be coming. She goes to Falguni and tries to remove the oxygen mask. Nurse comes. Uttara acts to care for Falguni. She says I want to be with her. Doctor says sorry, you have to go out. She leaves. Suyash comes to the morgue and sees Gayatri’s body. He cries and recalls her words. Jayant comes there and cries seeing her. Suyash hugs him. Nurse says your wife got conscious.

Jiji Maa Update Thursday 9 July 2020: Suyash nods. Jayant asks him to go to Falguni. Suyash goes. Jayant says Gayatri, I regret to misunderstand you, I never gave you a chance to say your truth, you maybe tired, sleep. He cries. Suyash comes to Falguni. She opens eyes and sees everyone. Uttara recalls her words and leaves. Falguni asks her to stop. Niyati wakes ip and says where is Jiji Maa, I have to go to her. Falguni hugs Uttara and says don’t leave me mum, I want to go home with you. They all get shocked.


Jiji Maa Update Thursday 9 July 2020: Falguni says what are we doing here, we shall leave. Suyash asks what happened. Falguni says I want to be with mum. Doctor asks them what’s the problem, let her be with her mum. He gives her chocolate and asks with whom will you share this. She says with my mum. She shares it with Uttara. Doctor injects her and puts her to sleep. He says because of lightning fall, maybe her brain is affected, this is a case of amnesia, she has become a five year old kid. They get shocked.

Doctor asks did she lose her mum at a young age. Niyati says yes. He says then he is finding her mum in Uttara, don’t remind her things at once, else she can have a nerve damage, don’t risk her life, she can get well by love and care. Niyati hugs Falguni and cries. Uttara asks her not to cry, just she can cure Falguni now with her love. Niyati stares at her and thinks I wish to tell your truth, but just you can make Falguni fine. Uttara thinks now you can’t tell anyone the truth, Falguni is in my hands.

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