Jiji Maa Thursday 27 August 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Thursday 27 August 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Thursday 27th August 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Thursday 27th August 2020 Update: On Jiji Maa Thursday 27 August 2020 Update, The Episode started with Uttara seeing Suyash and hiding. Falguni’s phone rings. Suyash hears it and says I was feeling that Falguni is here. He asks the nurse about the patient in OT. He tells his name. The nurse comes to the doctor and says Suyash wants to know whose operation is going on here. Falguni says he is my husband, he doesn’t know anything, my married life will be spoiled, please, don’t tell him. Uttara thinks to hide somewhere, else Suyash will see her. She goes. The doctor comes out and says the patient is Devika. He says sorry, I can’t believe this, I want to see her. He goes in and sees someone else. Falguni dresses as a nurse and wears a mark. She thinks Suyash got Chiku to hospital, I have to get saved from him first. She hides seeing Chiku and Suyash. Some terrorists come there. They see the police checking the hospital.

They take Falguni along. Suyash feels Falguni is around. Peon asks him to stay back for flag hoisting. Chiku insists that they will stay back. Suyash agrees. The terrorists discuss their plan. Falguni gets shocked and thinks they are not doctors, they think I m their aide. She gets shocked by seeing the bomb. He says the minister will die today, this will be done today, you should get back, you are chosen to do this. He gives her the bomb. Suyash sees Uttara. She says I have come to meet the minister. He asks where is Falguni. She says she went to market, it’s fine, are you going. He says no, Chiku wants to see flag hoisting. Falguni thinks to tell Suyash that she is here and what’s going to happen here. She falls down. The men take her away and instruct her. She says they are dangerous, what shall I do, I don’t have my phone.

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Jiji Maa Tuesday 25 August 2020 Update
Doctor asks Falguni where was she. Falguni says I have to tell you something. Doctor gets a call and goes. Falguni goes with the men. The guard gets attacked. Falguni keeps the parcel. The terrorists leave. She runs back and gets the packet. She sees police and thinks to give them the bomb. Niyati comes there and asks why are you in nurse dress, Suyash is here. Falguni says I know. Niyati asks why are you worried, what’s inside this packet. Falguni says some terrorists have come here to kill the minister, they had fixed this bomb there, I removed this, time is less, it will explode, we should give this bomb to police. The terrorists come there and point the gun, threatening them. Police come to them.

The inspector asked the man to help them. He thinks the goons are doctors and goes. The goons take Falguni and Niyati with them and threaten. Minister arrives there. The man thinks how will we go there on the stage. Minister lights the diya. He greets Uttara. She introduces Suyash and Chiku. Suyash says I feel Falguni is here. Uttara says she has gone to market. The minister goes for flag hoisting. The goon asks Falguni to kill minister, by becoming a human bomb. Falguni and Niyati get shocked. Falguni refuses to do this cheap thing, the minister is a sincere man, he is doing great work, she won’t kill him. The man threatens to kill Niyati.

Niyati asks Falguni not to listen to them. The man asks Falguni to save her sister’s life. Falguni agrees and wears the jacket. Niyati hugs her and asks her not to do this. Falguni says they will kill us anyway, if I agree to them, at least you can stay alive. She wears the doctor’s coat and cries. Niyati hugs her and asks her not to go. Falguni says swear on me, let me go. She goes. Doctor asks Falguni what is she doing, does she want to get an operation done or not, why is she wearing a doctor’s coat, who is he. The goon covers his face and points a gun at Falguni. Falguni says I m getting treatment from him, you are troubling me so much, sorry for your loss, I will send you a cheque. She gives her something and thanks for the help. Falguni says I did this as she was doubting on you.

Jiji Maa Thursday 27 August 2020 Update: Falguni goes to honour the minister. Suyash, Uttara and Chiku are also there. Suyash says Falguni… The goon says sorry, you can’t go on stage, just junior doctors can go. Falguni sees her family members. Falguni makes the minister wear the garlands. She asks the doctor to forgive her. She presses the remote. It blasts. Niyati shouts Jiji maa. The goons laugh and say congrats, now we will kill this girl too. Niyati says when Falguni is no more, how will I live. Goon laughs. The Police stop them. Niyati runs. Police arrests the goons. Niyati asks inspector about Falguni. He says she is over there. Niyati sees Falguni fine. Falguni runs and hugs Niyati.

They cry. Suyash asks Falguni is she fine. She nods. He says you and Niyati are here, I didn’t know. Falguni hugs him and cries. Suyash says inspector told me everything, but you went to market right. Uttara says I told Falguni to come here and meet me. Niyati says maybe Lord wanted Falguni to save the minister and everyone, but how did she do this. Minister says she acted smart, she gave the message to a doctor, hiding the message in a face mask. FB shows doctor reading Falguni’s message. Falguni apologizes to doctor for misbehaving. Doctor and minister praise Falguni. Uttara and Suyash also feel proud. The goons threaten them. Suyash says a woman is enough to handle thousands of criminals like you. Suyash salutes Falguni. Everyone salutes her. Minister asks her to raise the flag. Falguni does the flag hoisting. Everyone claps and salutes the flag.

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