Jiji Maa Thursday 20 August 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Thursday 20 August 2020 Update
Jiji Maa Thursday 20th August 2020 Update

Jiji Maa Thursday 20th August 2020 Update: On Jiji Maa Thursday 20 August 2020 Update,  Niyati blaming herself. Falguni hugs her and asks her not to think so. Zeenat comes and asks shall I say something. Niyati asks how can many abshagun happen by me. Jayant, Suyash and Vidhaan come to Uttara and ask is she fine. The man acts as a doctor and lies that she is critical. Uttara asks him not to give them stress. Suyash says we will manage this. Vidhaan says you need rest. She says it will work as before, we will stay happy. Jayant says I will take care of you. He goes to get food. Suyash asks Vidhaan to call him. He hugs Uttara and goes.

Uttara stops Vidhaan and says I need to talk. Zeenat tells Falguni and Niyati about a surgeon, who lost belief in himself, but then he successfully saved a child’s life. He asks them to think about what would have happened if the doctor lost belief forever. Niyati hugs her. Uttara asks Vidhaan not to worry. He says I don’t believe in superstitions, I m worried for Niyati. She says she will become bahu of this family, tilak will happen next time, I can do anything for your happiness.

Falguni thanks Zeenat for boosting Niyati’s courage, it’s tough to convince Uttara. Zeenat asks her not to worry. Uttara calls Niyati and gives good news. She tells about the tilak ceremony. Falguni agrees happily. She says I will come to talk. She hugs Niyati. Falguni rushes and collides with Sunder. He jokes. Suyash looks on. She says its good you came, have tea before leaving. She asks Niyati to make tea. She leaves.

Sunder stops Suyash. He starts joking. Suyash answers him well. Sunder asks him to get busy, it’s his life, make it or play. He says I have made my life, I m successful, you are getting my advice for free. Suyash says right, you are also free here, why. Sunder says my matter is different, I can earn lakhs, I m not a driver like you, I don’t like having tea for free. Suyash says yes, I want a tea for a tree. Niyati asks them to come and have tea. Suyash asks is friendship imp or money. She says friendship. Sunder says I said the right. Suyash says I was also explaining the same. She laughs.

Niyati says Falguni likes Suyash because of his words. Uttara asks the man to show all the costly sarees. Shom says Falguni has come. Uttara starts the drama. She asks Falguni when did she come. She scolds the shopkeeper for getting cheap sarees and sends him. Falguni gets fruits for her.

Uttara asks her to save money. She acts sweet. Vidhaan comes. Uttara praises Niyati and Vidhaan. She says Falguni should know the tilak rasam, five men from the girl’s side comes to the groom’s house. Falguni worries.

Uttara says for the first time, our tradition will change, its fine if Falguni gets five women. Vidhaan says I love you, mom. Uttara says a bride can’t come in tilak, but she can come if Vidhaan wants, it’s her house, we will welcome her. Vidhaan says yes, as you say. Uttara says I have one request, tilak rasam should happen as per our status, I don’t want much, but people should dress well and come with gifts. Falguni agrees. Uttara says you have to get a saree for me, it should be a costly one. She asks her to buy it from the shop she wants. Falguni thinks this shop is very costly. Uttara smiles.

Falguni coming to Suyash. He says we didn’t know matter will reach a divorce. She says we have to stop this by finding Chiku’s mum. They go to wake up Chiku. They don’t see Chiku in the bed and rush to see her. Chiku goes to Uttara’s room and ruins the mirror and files. Uttara takes Chiku out angrily. Falguni hugs Chiku. Uttara says this girl is a problem of all kids.

The drama continued on Jiji Maa Thursday 20 August 2020 Update as Suyash and Vidhaan come. Chiku asks them to see what’s aunty saying. Uttara says I can’t tolerate this girl, go and leave this girl to the police station. Falguni asks her to keep respect for Niyati’s word and wait for a day. Suyash and Falguni go to Chiku and ask her about her house address or directions. Chiku says I don’t know anything. Chiku drops the drink. Falguni says I will clean your clothes. Chiku takes some paper and makes drawing on it. Falguni sees it and checks the emergency number. She asks whose number is this. Chiku says I got this from my T-shirt. Falguni shouts Suyash. He comes back. She shows the number and says Chiku has coloured the last two numbers, we have to dial 100 numbers to check. They make calls.

Vidhaan worries for Niyati. Falguni and Suyash make many calls to reach Chiku’s mum. Vidhaan messages Niyati. Suyash gets tired and sleeps. Falguni sees a number of missed and calls. She asks is this Chiku’s house. The call ends. Niyati says I m not great to see Chiku in front of me, I can’t be with Vidhaan. She cries. He sees her and thinks I can’t let you go away. Falguni calls again and asks is this Chiku’s house. The lady says Chiku is at her dad’s place, don’t call again. Falguni says this was the right number. Vidhaan says I couldn’t find Aaliya. Niyati says you couldn’t prove your innocence, I have made the divorce papers. Jayant says think again. Chiku comes coughing. Suyash takes her and goes. Uttara says you won’t have rights on anything if Niyati divorces you, sign on the papers. Falguni comes with a lady and stops them. She says this is Chiku’s mum. Vidhaan asks who are you, I don’t know you.

Suyash comes and says you…. Shreya, are you Chiku’s mum. They get shocked. Chiku hugs Shreya and says I missed you. Shreya says yes, so I have come here. Chiku hugs Vidhaan and says Papa will live with us. Vidhaan says I m not your dad. Shreya says this is not your dad. He says I told you all I m not her dad. Shreya says he is saying the truth, your Papa is there. She signs to Suyash and Jayant. They all get shocked.  Shreya goes to Suyash and says Suyash is Chiku’s dad. Suyash gets shocked.

This is the end of Jiji Maa Thursday 20 August 2020 Update.


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