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Jiji Maa Monday 10 August 2020
Jiji Maa Monday 10 August 2020

Jiji Maa Monday 10 August 2020: On Jiji Maa Monday 10 August 2020 Update, Uttara crying and saying you know me since childhood, how did you think I can do this, I can never forget this, you know your mum. Suyash apologizes and hugs her. He says you have put a fake bullet in the gun, Niyati thought its real and changes with fake one again, I m sorry on her behalf. Jayant and Vidhaan come and see Falguni fine. Niyati signs them. Jayant says you don’t know what happened here. Falguni takes his blessings.

Vidhaan says so you got fine. Falguni says I remember everything. Niyati and Falguni go to the temple and pray. Niyati says I fell lonely without you. Falguni says I remember everything, you became brave, you fought with Uttara, time teaches us everything, you were brave since always. Uttara comes and prays. She asks did you sisters finish talking.

She says Suyash will love me more now. Niyati says I will bring your truth out. Uttara says don’t think of it, maybe Suyash will get mad. Falguni says you got saved, but goodwill triumph, we will not bear any injustice now, if you try to do anything wrong, you will get a solid answer. Uttara eats prasad. Falguni asks Vidhaan about Suyash. He says Suyash went out. She gives him prasad and thanks to him for his support. He says we are still friends, welcome back. She goes out and sees Suyash with kids. He gives them chocolates and gifts.

He says my wish got fulfilled, I got my falguni. She comes to him. Kids run around. He says we will start life afresh. He holds her hand and takes her to the temple. He asks will you support me in this. She holds his hand. He says we will take rounds again. He keeps a diya there and holds her hand. They take the wounds. Vidhaan and Niyati come and smile seeing them. They all shower flowers on them.

The episode continued on Jiji Maa Monday 10 August 2020 Update as Taare hai baraati…plays…. Suyash gets colour from paint box and applies sindoor to Falguni. Vidhaan says you renewed marriage, what new promise will you make today. Suyash says I promise, I will always support you. They all clap. Suyash hugs Falguni. Kids ask for a party. Uttara looks on. Vidhaan says your friend remarried today. Niyati says you both go now. She sends them out. Uttara comes. Vidhaan asks her to come. Niyati says do their aarti. Uttara does aarti and applies tilak to them. Suyash feeds the kids. Falguni recalls Uttara’s words and cries.

Suyash lifts Falguni and takes her to room. They romance. Hum tum…..plays…. She hugs him. He says after spending time with kids, I feel we should also have a child to complete our family. She gets shocked. He says what happened, why are you tensed, we will complete our family when you decide. He rests in her lap. She thinks I can never give you this happiness, how to tell you that I can never become a mum.

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