Jiji Maa Update Friday 10 July 2020

Jiji Maa Update Friday 10 July 2020
Jiji Maa Update Friday 10 July 2020

Jiji Maa Update Friday 10 July 2020: The Episode starts with Vidhaan saying we shall leave, we have to do arrangements for Gayatri’s funeral. Uttara cries and acts in front of the guests. She sprinkles the gangajal. Suyash cries. Vidhaan holds him. Suyash goes to Gayatri’s room and sees her pic. He hugs her clothes and thinks of her.

He sees the phone and says I thought to feed my pic and then call you, you would have seen my pic on screen and get glad. He deletes his number and cries. Falguni asks Niyati where is everyone. She sees Gayatri’s pic and says I got scared, what’s everyone doing here in white clothes. She asks Uttara to say, its Holi right, where are the colors. Uttara asks her to be quiet. Falguni removes the garlands from Gayatri’s pic and makes Uttara wear it.

Jiji Maa Update Friday 10 July 2020: Suyash gets angry and calls her mad. Falguni gets scared of him. He thinks what was I doing, I should remember she is not fine. Niyati asks Falguni to come with her. Falguni refuses. Uttara says I got bangles for you, just go. She takes Falguni. Suyash cries. Niyati and Vidhaan hold him. Suyash gets a letter and card from Falguni’s side to Gayatri. He says Gayatri left me and Falguni is in this state.

Niyati says your younger sister is always with you, don’t worry, I know its tough, Gayatri gave her life to save us. Suyash says I won’t leave the culprit if I come to know who is it. Niyati thinks I m helpless as I promised Falguni to hide Uttara’s truth and now Uttara is the one who can make Falguni fine. She goes to see Falguni. Uttara gives more bangles to Falguni. She acts of leg pain. Falguni asks shall I massage your legs. Uttara says no, just do sit ups.


Falguni goes sit ups. Niyati cries. Uttara asks her to do more. Niyati asks what are you doing, are you not ashamed. Falguni scolds her and calls her a bad girl. Uttara asks Niyati to leave. She hugs Falguni. Falguni asks Niyati go. Niyati cries and goes.

Jiji Maa Update Friday 10 July 2020:  Falguni sleeps. Suyash comes to her and asks what’s happening with us, mum was living with us, I was going to start life fresh and suddenly everything got shattered, you were my biggest support and today you are needing support, I can’t see you like this, please get fine soon. Uttara comes to Niyati. She says you look scared, you maybe thinking to expose me and get rid of me, its good, but did you think about Falguni, doctor said if she gets a shock, her brain nerves can damage, she can get mad or attempt suicide. Niyati gets shocked.

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