Game Of Love Thursday 27 August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Thursday 27 August 2020 Update
Game Of Love Thursday 27th August 2020 Update

Game Of Love Thursday 27th August 2020 Update: On Game Of Love Thursday 27 August 2020 Update, Shivaye waits for Anika. She says I m not pregnant, what happened, I thought you will be glad knowing this. He says I don’t know how did I change so much overnight, after hearing your pregnancy news, all my hesitations and fears got away, don’t know why I m upset hearing this, I was feeling on top of the world knowing you are pregnant, I was dreaming of our little Anika, she would be amazing as you, I planned everything for her, I will be beside her to solve all her issues. She says so you planned to spoil her, you planned to become cool daddy, I would become a typical strict mother. He says I wish. She says I have understood that few events occur at the time they have to, good things take time. He hugs her.

Rudra shouts out to everyone and says there is good news. They ask again. Rudra says no, you remember Shivaye’s dance video gone viral, because of which his deal broke. Anika says it happened because of me. Rudra says he cracked a bigger deal, he is going to launch phone company. Gauri jokes. Shivaye comes and says you got to know the news. Om hugs him and asks how do you handle everything so perfectly, home, family, business, you are a real superhero. Shivaye says I have the best family.

Rudra says I have the best plan, we should have a party. Dadi says you have made us proud, I wish no one cast bad sight on your success. Shivaye says congrats to you too and hugs Dadi. Om smiles and turns away. Rudra hugs Shivaye. Gauri goes to Om.

Anika hugs Shivaye. Gauri asks what’s the matter. Om says nothing, did you see Dadi, she looks so happy, she has pride in her eyes, I could never accomplish such a thing that Dadi tells me that she is proud of me, I know Shivaye can manage everything alone, he bears all the responsibilities of all three of us, but being a brother, I wish to share his responsibilities, I want to do something that I can bring glory for the family so that my family says they are proud of me. She says people are crazy for your art and talent. He does sad Shayari.

She hugs him and says people will follow your art someday. Shivaye says she is right Om, you are a talented and honest artist, your goodness reflects in your art, its time for the entire world to know that Om is a top-notch artist, I have an announcement to make, Rudra is saying right, we must have a party, I will introduce my brand ambassador, Abhimanyu Raheja. Bhavya says the superstar Abhimanyu.

The drama continued on Game Of Love Thursday 27 August 2020 Update as Gauri says I m his big fan, I have seen all his pics. Rudra says wait, he is married and his wife’s name is Roshni Raheja. Om asks what did you say, she is the greatest art collector in India and she is coming here. Shivaye says you exhibit your art if Roshni shows interest in your art, that could be a great opportunity. Om likes the idea. Gauri prays. Rudra asks what about the party theme. Shivaye says Abhimanyu’s new movie is getting released, its a musical set in the 70s, so it could be anything set in 70s. Everyone gets ready in a 70s era style. Shivaye, Anika, Om, Gauri, Rudra and Bhavaya come in the party. Bachna aye haseeno….plays…….. Shivaye says we have come and now the party will rock. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya sing Milgaya….. and dance. Shivaye joins Anika and sings Aaj kal tere mere…..plays…. Om and Rudra dance with their partners.

Abhimanyu and Roshni walk in. They take selfies with fans. Shivaye dances with everyone. He gets a call. Anika follows. Shivaye attends the call. Anika says I performed the entire song, he didn’t give me a compliment. She comes to him and says this phone is like my Sautan, I will grind the phone. He stays busy on a call. She falls in his arms. He asks what are you doing, why do you wear heels if you can’t walk properly. She takes her selfie and sends to him. He finishes the call and checks her selfie. He asks what’s this, why are you sending me your selfie. She says you didn’t give me a compliment. He says nice. She says say something better about my hairdo. He says amazing, one who deserves praise is praised. She says yes, why will you praise me now, we are married now, you don’t find me decked up. He says you can do better. She says your glasses blurred your view. He says vintage… She says I don’t want to talk to you. She goes.

Shivaye says Abhimanyu will be the face of our new mobile brand. Abhimanyu says I m proud to have an association with Oberoi industries and Shivaye, I m looking forward to it. Shivaye says I will answer all the questions after the party, just enjoy the party. Gauri says I thought its the camera and lights that work, but Abhimanyu looks good. Bhavya says his wife is equally good, she is a big art promoter and an interior designer. Anika says they are so much in love and look at my Shivaye. Rudra comments on Abhimanyu’s biceps. He says my biceps are bigger, touch it, bro. Om says stop embarrassing me. Omru argues. Om says people are giving him the attention, none is looking at you, enjoy. Rudra says enough, I will show him, I won’t let him steal my limelight. Shivaye introduces Om, Anika, Gauri and Bhavya to Abhimanyu. He asks where is Rudy. They all see Rudy showing off his biceps.

This is the end of Game Of Love Thursday 27 August 2020 Update.

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